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Rightsideof50.com: Mission is to encourage A "Each One Encourage One" Mindset. Rightsideof50.com is about living your best life at any age, learning about yourself and from others and experiencing new adventures. It's about Empowering one another with our stories, so we can be vessels of guidance to each other!

Let's Celebrate Each Other!

How Do You Define Self-Esteem?

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Praying Our Way Through



Your test is now your testimony to help others, to be of service to others as God requires each of us to do. Can you imagine those who are afraid, those who have no hope, those who feel unworthy to tell their story like you have. You are the key to help those individuals break free. May the Blessings of the most high continue to guide your steps in being an inspiration to many.

                                                                                                                 1/1/19 Susan

I offer very special thanks to founder and CEO of Rightsideof50 Sheila Smith for first, believing in me and for all the encouragement, uplifting and enlightenment that she gives to me daily. My promise to God, Sheila and myself is to practice to be a better person each day than I was the day before.                                       4/1/19 Nina