About Sheila E.

Sheila E. Smith (Goodwin) is built on confidence, beauty in my own right, educated, endearing, knowledgeable. Putting my heart into what I really want to accomplish. Mother of two sons and one daughter, Grandmother of three grandchildren whom have my whole heart. I have answered the call of helping my sisters to achieve true happiness, and to not just live life day to day. The only way to do this is to release what is holding you hostage from your past.

My heart has always been one of a nurturing and listening spirit. Assisting you in your journey to become better workers, wives, mothers and overall accomplished women in all aspects of the word. Lining up your endeavors is the walk we will take together.

Sheila E. Smith is an appealing keynote speaker, and inspirational encourager, Sheila is the Founder & CEO of Rightsideof50 an Empowerment entity for regaining yourself, a business erected to encourage SELF-CONFIDENT, TRUE and SPIRITED overcoming as to putting forth the best you. Sheila releases herself and becomes open to all superficial topics with truth and honesty to discourse the shifts that prevent personal, professional development.

In addition, having gone through her own conversions throughout life, the discovery of her lineage, divorce, relocation, profession change. Sheila has taken on the title role of becoming My Sisters Keeper by assisting many individuals with their stumbles through the uncertainty of their lives. 

Sheila is a graduate from Everest University with a Major in Business. To Sheila family is very important for they hold the key to completeness. She is the proud mother of three successful grown children. Always being sought after to teach within a classroom because of her no-nonsense attitude with children and parents, Sheila stood back to find her calling and passion. Now she is teaching but, in her capacity, and within her own lesson plan. You will find within her motivational speeches and teaching that they are very life focused and life based. Sheila has used and is using her past to giving other individuals the power to reach phenomenal heights whether through relationships, health, and daily life, her current lessons and speeches focus on the tools that are needed to be completely happy in life all while continuing to be successful in your work life.

Sheila founded Rightsideof50, to provide all persons a safe haven to release through writings and storytelling. Sheila is an admired and passionate speaker that has hit the scene running. Sheila has been featured as a Keynote speaker and featured speaker on several pod-cast.  In increasing her platform, Sheila has received the opportunity to launch a monthly segment featured on the National Podcast show “My Story Living with Lupus” Entitled “Life Lessons” by: Sheila E.

Sheila will influence you with her concern and infectious vigor for life along with her loving heart and, truthful messages.

  1. Bachelors of Science Major in Business
  2.  Accredited  Transformation Life Coach 
  3. Executive Assistant/ Personal Assistant
  4. Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
  5. Lover of all things natural-Earth tones are my relaxing haven
  6. Accomplished and licensed hair technician
  7. Public speaker of Encouragement and Empowerment
  8. Coordinator for Community Service (Clothing Drive/Feeding)
  9. Speaker of Real Life Experiences
  10. Production Assistant for Charity Concerts
  11. Mother and Grandmother
  12. My family whether blood or by choice are all my hero's and have taught me growing lessons from A-Z that I apply to everything that I do. 

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