What Can I Say....

 WHAT Can I Say

What can I say about me? I've been through some rough days. One thing's for sure I had to learn that God can take you out of some stuff and lead you in the right direction if you let Him.


1st stage in life-daughter. I was always under mom, 'her shadow'.  But mom was strict and I went to dad to get what I wanted. Later I learned why she was so strict and I'm glad she was. She's 91 now and I love her! 

2nd stage of life- mother. I have a 25 year old son who I love dearly.  Typical childhood,  made sure he saw a world other than New York. He did like to make noise so I put him in drum programs.  Now he's the baddest drummer in the land!

3rd stage in life- wife.  Been married almost 4 years come August 1st. Love my husband,  we're growing together taking one day at a time. We met,  had same goals, rest is history.

4th stage in life- Grandmother.  I have an adorable 7 month old granddaughter! I could be tired and when she comes over I get extra energy to play with her.

In between these stages I've been lied on, judged, talked about, hurt by so called boyfriends, so called friends and church people. But one day I found a true friend,  JESUS. I did find a small set of Jewels who I consider my true friends- can get a prayer, go out with, share secrets. I have reached the Fabulous Fifty squad and ain't ashamed to tell it! I am who I am today because of my love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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