To Silence or Not to Silence.... There Should Be No Question

Let me start by saying these are my opinions which I am entitled to have and so do you! 

Ok, I have watched as much as I could watch of this man whom shall not remain nameless (Robert Kelly). How did they separate the two R-Kelly the genius and Robert the monster... either way I am sick to my stomach behind his atrocious acts. 

Let's start from the beginning, he was molested but does that give him license to take advantage of others? I know some will say that he is not taking advantage because he is taking care, how much care are you really giving if you are not allowing a young girl to see her family? If you are not allowing a young girl to eat unless told too or asked of you? How much taking care of are you doing if you have a young girl locked in a room?

Do our young black girls matter within this society?

“No one cared because we were black girls,” the writer Mikki Kendall said in the documentary.

Surviving R-Kelly 

Why hasn't more been done against this man or his whole entourage since they are capable of making people disappear upon his request, that makes them guilty also within his acts and association. Reason being they knew and they know what is going on. From watching the program alone, I have one question I wonder if anyone else has thought of it, Let's go back to the mom and dad that were standing in the middle of the street yelling up to the window and banging on the door for their child to open up (mind you they were told by someone that had gotten away, that their child was in there). The parents called the police explained the situation and were met with we cannot enter!!!!! now I say all this to say, are the police in on this child endangerment also? sexual favors and whatever else comes to mind.

 **Money and Fame are not to be used to Buy or Abuse another Human Being**


  Granted I stand here and say that everyone will have their opinion and I am voicing mine for the women that cannot. The parents in these situations do we hold them to blame or do we not hold them to blame? this could go into a circle effect the same way it's stated he was molested he had issues, how do you know that these parents didn't or don't have issues? (I'm sorry but every person that has a child is not fit to be a parent,) does that mean they are at fault or not? see how this can go it turns into the blame game effect. Well as for me I put the blame on this man that has seduced us all with his music his genius mind, words and lyrics, we have all fallen in love with the musical mind of R-Kelly and right in front of our face Robert Kelly the MONSTER was taking advantage of our young girls, our babies, our next generation. 

R-Kelly's Ex-wife Andrea Kelly 

 I could go on and on but I want my readers points of view and input. Remember this is all about having an opinion. 

I hope in some way that I am helping someone to stand up get help speak out about your abuse, but just know that you are not alone.....










This mom sat on National Television and Lied about never being around R-Kelly. this right here is a prime example that every parent is not fit to be a parent, did you sell your daughter and then things got to deep and now you want her back? Instances such as this is what can hurt a case, just be truthful Release your truth his dirt is coming to the light. 




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D. Harris

Yes, Robert Kelly was abused when he was a young child for years. One of his brothers recently stated that both were abuse by their sister. I do not know if that is true because R. Kelly never named his abuser. When he was acquitted of all charges in 2008. I was hoping that he get help for his demons. It’s hard to separate the music genius from the abuser. Right now I don’t believe everything that’s being shown on a reality style format. I would love to see the young woman file charges and continue to handle in the court system. Today’s society we are quilty until proven innocent. #Facts…R. Kelly story is on wikipedia, so I am sure everyone knew what his mental state was. We all want justice, we also need our community to teach our black women and black men to have respect, protect, one another. R. Kelly and other men in television, music, and we know someone within our own lives dating a person who is 10 yo 29 years their junior. How do we look at them? If he is holding young ladies over 18 hostage. Please file charges not be on a television movie getting paid to tell your story.

sheila smith


You are so right… but I still stand behind my point that no one has the right or the allegiance to abuse anyone, and yes different race different circumstance or consequence. But if we as a race do not respect ourselves as a whole we will continue to be taken advantage of by others #Blackwomenandgirlslivesdomatter.

I know there is a bigger picture, but you have to start somewhere and for his sickness and ignorance this is where is shall start. He is the gate keeper of white officers taking advantage of our young queens!!!!!!

Henery long

I pray that all is truly well with You and yours.
First, if these girls were white, we’d be discussing the murder of R Kelly. Second, the laws of america only apply for black folks, in a negative manner. We must not forget that when our ancestors were kidnapped and brought over here against their will, they were not deemed as humans, but property. Our ancestors were never afforded citizenship, and neither were we. Just because we were born over here, doesn’t mean we belong over here. The R Kelly situation, cops killing unarmed black men, women being disrespected and abused by white men, all this is a blatant display that black lives do not matter in america, outside of servitude. We have to come together or there will be no more us. We are all that we have. Sure, the R Kelly situation is terrible, but we have more pressing issues to focus on. We as a people are at risk of becoming extinct. They distracte us with something we consider big, to keep our focus off the bigger picture. Everyday their seeing how much they can get away with. How much can they do to us before we say enough is enough. Violence is a solution for those who weren’t taught any better. The solution is simple… disassociation. Without us, business would cease to exist, that’s from working and spending. We possess so much power, but what good is power if we fail to use it. Others are successful because they are unified and capitalize off our disunity. I apologise for the long post, but I feel that it was necessary. We need to set our sights on the bigger issues. R Kelly is what america is known for, abusing black people, this is why his actions are condoned by the powers that be.

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