Through It All Smile


Through it all smile....
My Life hasn't been a crystal stair case It’s been pissy elevators, needles on stair cases, house raids to having a gun pointed at my face at the tender age of 8. And through it all I smile. Poverty, deaths, and setbacks; and through it all I smile. I did not allow myself to be a victim of any of my circumstances instead I became the product of how I handled it with a smile.

I became a teen mom at 16 to a very courageous little boy; Jeremiah ,everyone told me my life was over but God had other plans. I finished high school, went to trade school and graduated from college and married the man of my dreams with a smile. It may not have been in the white “AMERICAN “dream order and it wasn’t easy but it’s the path God paved for me.

In 2013 I lost the biggest part of my world; my mom. I blamed God, I blamed the doctors, I blamed anyone with a heartbeat, I hated anyone with a heartbeat. Still to this day I’m healing and forgiving but I’m no longer depressed. It feels good saying that; “No Longer Depressed.” I suffered from depression for years. Even before adulthood. I use to go to a therapist every week with my mother but as I became a teen I was ashamed to go and label myself as “depressed “ Trying to be everything everyone wanted me to be and trying not to be everything everyone wanted me to be destroyed my confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. Following this mid part of my life God gave me 4 more heartbeats Jayla 5, Donovan 4, Mia 3, and Mya 3. A mother’s love can’t be replaced but children’s love is unmeasurable.

Now if I told you this was the best thing that happen, I would be lying. In 2017 I married my BESTFRIEND, my coach, my right hand, my better half. Now this right here still wasn’t the best thing that has happened to me. Yes, I become one flesh with the person who knows me inside out, loves me unconditionally, who I’ve struggled with, cried with and accomplish goals with. One of my accomplishments was becoming a homeowner in 2018 and stepping out on faith and venturing into a new career as an independent agent. However, the biggest accomplishment and the best thing that happened to me of all was accepting the fact that I was  depressed, seeking help, cutting toxic family, friends and in-laws off and Loving myself. As I know God, faith and work brought me this far I’m going to really smile and see what’s next. There is no stopping me now!!!!!

By: Jaleesa M. Lindsay

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You are the apple 🍎 of Gods eye. Keep being obedient in your ordered steps and watch God do the unimaginable in your life. Bless you for sharing.

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