Still Not Fearless


Why do we suffer in silence and continue to let the world around us beat and tear our inner selves down? Everyone else's issues faults and problems become ours without a doubt or a solution. I find my shoulders heavy with issues that have no effect on me except stress. We as women no special color nationality or form are left to bear the burdens of everyday family and social issues, but in most cultures, it is not spoken of or heard of to be told that you are carrying to much. Where do you go for your peace, your solitude, your comfort?

I have noticed in myself that I sometimes take to food that is no good for me to give me comfort and when I get full I feel guilty for what I just consumed, do I speak about it no.... because soon as you do the first instance that takes place is you get labeled, can we come to a point that if a woman is feeling a certain way it immediately does not mean that something is wrong with her or with me.  The saying "We fall down but we get back up again" comes to mind- meaning the pressure of the day or the week has paid its toll on our mind. This as we grow and learn to accept our daily routines becomes the way of life to many. 

Many go through the day with these forced smiles and affection and attention to others and their issues, that their own woes and associations with pain get lost this cannot be a healthy stance for your body or for your mind

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Thank you for the comment, I am so happy that my words were and are a source of encouragement to you. That in a nutshell is my purpose to assist help and also to uplift others and myself. Stepping out on faith is the best thing you can do if you are a true believer and I believe in our right we all are, we just have to let go of fear and doubt and put what we were blessed with into work I wish the best for you in your future endeavors, and don’t forget to get your fearless bracelet to showcase your steps towards your goal.


I know I have a purpose and the road I’m on is not God’s plan for me. He told me to step out on faith but I allowed mistrust in man keep me from stepping out. I kmow my steps are ordered by God, so today I plan to work toward making my vision a reality.
Shelia thanks for being obedient to God and reminding me that all things are possible thru Christ Jesus!!!


As women, mothers, go to’s, our exterior has become thick and sometimes hardened because of what we take on and what is thrown on us Our fear of what others may think or how we are viewed if we dare to shed a tear keeps us of opening up to let that human side breathe. I am tired and weary and need to let my NO mean No which makes me an introvert at times.


I have watched my mother for your years take care of others. And when she was in need no one was there for her to talk to, to get love from or to express herself. I would love to be able to have a group that she could share her thoughts, disappointments and accomplishments with.
Thank you for sharing……..

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