Sisters We Are Doing It For Ourselves



Life is to short not to put your dreams into the play and make them a reality. What have you dreamt about and always wanted to do or become? Are you happy in the place where you are now? Well to tell the truth I wasn't happy at all!!!!  I was just showing up to work sitting behind a front desk and trying to smile every morning. so I made the decision to move on and move up. But still when you think of it my daily grind was assisting to make someone else's dream come true, but that is the process of work. Within it all I began to pray and produce with mindset and focus, I made up my mind to leave my mark.  

 Starting small because with faith and caution God will guide my steps. Where are you in putting your dreams to work and what steps are you taking to leave your mark?

Sisters supporting Sisters: Share what steps you are taking 



What avenue are you seeking to venture down

How to pull it together and make it work


Get your journals now to start turning your dreams into a reality,  let's get started....


Putting work into your dream can sometimes feel unwarranted, most don't believe in what you are attempting to do, most wont support you in your vision reason is the support for each other falls short. With Rightsideof50 my mindset is to uplift encourage and support one another in our endeavors and ventures. That is what you call Sisters supporting Sisters. A word of encouragement a offering of advice goes a long way. 

Doing the work is the part that stops many from fulfilling their desires. Hurdles are nothing but stepping stones once that first step is climbed you are closer to seeing your vision come to fruition. 

Where are you in your Dream Built?



Gail Whybrew

Astounding! ❤️👍🙏

Henery L Long

“Fear of failure is a fear of success, because we must fail, if we expect to succeed. It’s in the attempts that knowledge is acquired, if we never try something then nothing will ever have a chance of being accomplished. If we think that all those who have accomplished their goals is due to one attempt, then we’re truly deluding ourselves.”—Henery X (long), vice-president of Tees That Rule and author of the paperback Positive Energy 24/7.

Dyna Harris

I really love the post/blog. Follow your dreams. Take a risk and put yourself out there. Who do you work for? Your answer is Myself.

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