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Being true to who you are and still getting the job done says a lot for your spirit, your wants and your needs.

 Spirits, Look in the mirror who do you see?  Now when I look in the mirror, let me tell you this is what I see, I see  a woman of courage, strength, hurt, good days and bad days. I see my years of experiences that have taught me some lessons to grow on, my years of growth and hope. But I am a woman that stands in my truth, that is courageous enough to say I am woman hear me ROAR!!! I am a REDEEMED SPIRIT and so are you, we start fresh each and everyday to continue to build on our yesterday. I work hard because I continue to seek the best outcome, My time is very precious to me and I don’t like it wasted. I know many of you would agree to that. I find myself sometimes thinking of putting my all into someone or something and then finding myself by myself, I know I am not the only one who has had this happen, Right?  Spirits, With that comes years wasted, augghh I hate that!!!!!!! Have you ever found yourself in a work setting or position that just didn't offer any advancement any promotional value? Just you showing up everyday doing the same thing and feeling empty. Making someone else's dream a reality, Wasted Time…..

Ask yourself this question, when you were in High School, yes Spirits  we will start with that age group. What did you imagine you would become or would be doing in your fifties? Now are you doing it?  Best question why not? Many of us Spirits had that dream of I'm going to college for……. I will get married, have two or three children, live in a beautiful home with my dream husband. WAKE up!!!!! Most of us started with that but time has turned the table on us in the flash of a light, husband gone, house split between the two of you, children are grown doing their own thing, and you are just making ends meet. 

Sounds like you doesn't it? 

You are not going to like this but here we go: WASTED TIME!!!!!! WASTED YEARS!!!!!!

I say that not to in anyway downplay your love or your family. I say it because in that time you forgot about the most important person -YOU-. Through my divorces, child bearing years and loss of parents I have discovered myself and learned to love and enjoy myself. On this side of RS50 I will get it right, I will continue to blossom and bring my Spirit Sisters along with me. 

I had a conversation with one of you ladies this morning, and it turned out to be the perfect example of what I want my Spirits to get away from and look forward too: 

Friend: I’m contemplating on returning to school.

Me: Why are you just contemplating? Do it!!!! 

Friend: Yes, but it will take me two years.

Me: And you say that to say what? Look at it this way in those two years you will be educating & uplifting yourself, improving your status and making yourself knowledgeable for the restaurant you would like to open.

Time without school is just preparing you for what? WASTED TIME

Point is: 

Spend your time wisely make the best of it, our time is priceless and precious. 

Redeemed Spirits let’s soar to higher heights, you have it in you.

If you haven't figured it out Spirits I am breaking down the meaning of rightsideof50 to you!!!! Yes we are and will remain REDEEMED SPIRITS…. We will strap on our thinking caps and re-adjust our thinking to accomplishing our wants. Take that first step into becoming the best you. Redeemed Spirits starting new and fresh with life experiences to fill a stadium, run with it ladies, soar with it ladies you are Redeemed Spirits. 

Food for thought:

What steps have you taken to become a Redeemed Spirit to stay tried and true to yourself?  

I stand Redeemed and along the way I will fill you with ideas on how you can become A Redeemed Spirit too.


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Sheila E.


Sheila is an encourager of all women and her Spirits that have reached their ageless plateau. Sheila is the Founder of RS50, a truth speaker of Life Lessons. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and is the mother of three and grandmother of 3. Sheila’s journey through life thus far has brought her to this point of informing other Redeemed Spirits to continue to press, reach, soar and achieve your new found meaning of Living Life.


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