A pastor once asked the question: "Who is it that eventually picks up 
hitchhikers?" Everyone had some good answers, but none were as great as 
the one he eventually gave, which was..."former hitchhikers". 
The moral 
of the story is this: "Until we have taken a step in another person's shoes, 
we can't truly relate to their story."
Once upon a time in America, I was homeless. My circumstance was 
all my doing, I place blame on no one but myself. 
When I see homeless people, it hurts beyond words. I don't know 
their story, but I do know that their current situation, doesn't have to be 
the final chapter, because it wasn't for me. 
We all possess the ability to change our current 
situation, into the complete opposite of it. We just have to say and 
believe: "This isn't it. I know that I'm destined for something much greater, 
than I can even comprehend right now."
God wrote us all a magnificent story, but He gave us the means to 
edit it, thanks to our free will. When we fall short, it's not due to the 
bestselling author, but because at times, we think we can pen a more 
appealing tale. Well, I'm here to tell you, that we can’t.
The only way is in God's word. Read it, study it, master it and 
become a living example of it. When we decide to do it God's way, every 
other decision will lead us to heaven on earth.
Doing it God's way led me from the streets, to being a self published author, with my second book on its way to being self published as well. I have friends in all walks of life and I'm inspiring others, via my words. 
When we change our thinking, we change our condition, see that our condition, is a result of our thinking.
Henery X (long), author of the paperback and ebook Positive Energy 24/7 and the forthcoming urban novel, It Was Destined... Urban Legend.



Powerful, simple, applicable and obtainable. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder.

Susan L Hendrix

I knew that there would be a powerful and inspirational story that would be told. You are a profound living example of what God can do, you were created by God for greatness.

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