Gi-Gi's Journey



When I sit back and reminisce on the path that has brought me to this accomplished place in my life, all I can do is smile. It all started ten years ago, age 21, being young, wild, and free. I was so excited that I could finally live on campus, downtown Atlanta. The thought of all the fun experiences that were getting ready to come my way had me tickled with excitement. With all of my hopefulness, I still had to be mindful that I had important obligations to adhere to. I was obligated to maintain my scholarship and to maintain my long- distance relationship. Family life wasn’t anything to cling onto for support. With a mother and father facing divorce and a little sister looking up to me for direction, I definitely felt a weight on my shoulders.

In the time of difficulty, I experienced a series of events that could have broken me as a young woman. I went through a period in my life when I wasn’t communicating with my father. It was a very difficult stage in my twenties because I often turned to my father for support. I also had a near death experience where I was home alone asleep at my parent’s house and it caught on fire. I also had to deal with the death of my aunt in who helped raise me. I definitely had a hard time in school, trying to maintain grades and relationships. When it came to relationships, I absolutely had a hard time. I was learning the true meaning of friendship. Gaining friends and loosing friends was the name of the game in my life at the time. My career driven mind and my boyfriend was challenging my long- distance relationship. I was disrespected, cursed out, belittled, and brought to tears by the guy I thought I loved. How can someone make you pick between your dream and a place of living? Moreover, how can someone you love say such degrading things to you? Now more than ever, I needed to make a change and figure out how to gain control of my life.

After loosing relationships and control of my life, I decided to turn to God. I didn’t know any other way to attack the situations plaguing my life and mind. I have to get back on track to my path of greatness so I decided to reach back out to God. Starting to go back to church, being diligent with prayer, and reading my bible was the first steps I took. Then, trying to act and think positively was the second step. As time goes on I realized that the list of goals that I had prepared for myself on paper were actually coming to pass. I mended the relationship with my father and cleaned my life out of any unneeded relationships that weren’t taking me anywhere positive. I worked hard to get my finances in order and lastly, I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology.

Some may say that I ended my twenties very strong. Now that my life has hit a sweet spot, I decided to start praying for some long-term goals. I started to become more invested in my prayers for a man that I could call a husband, friend, team player, and life partner. I also started praying for my unborn child. I didn’t know when or if God would grant me these blessings but it didn’t hurt to try. For about two years, I consistently prayed for the man I would hopefully meet, to be blessed, safe, and covered by the blessings of God. I prayed that my child would have the same. I stayed away from dating and a lot of the party life that my early twenties allowed me. As they say, when you call, God answers. I believe God heard my prayers and saw the changes and work I was doing to become a better person and decided that I was ready to accept my blessing. No longer than I would think, I meet a man that would now become my fiancé. Everything I asked for in a man I received. We were blessed shortly after with a son. Born February 5, 2019 at 7lbs 10.8 oz. and 21 inches long, this was the best thing that ever happed in our lives. When I feed our son his bottle and we have a moment to look into each others eyes, I often reflect on my journey and think to myself, I wouldn’t trade my life or its many rollercoaster events for anything. It made me who I am, it taught me many things, and it brought me to a true place of success and happiness that I can only thank God for.



sheila smith

This young lady right here is the true example of turn it over to God!!!!!!!!!! The best thing has happened to my Son!!!!!!!! May the Lord continue to bless you in this journey we call life. Most women don’t want to admit they have learned something from a younger person but I have no problem in saying that she has taught me a few things.
This is what Sister to Sister is all about; teaching each other supporting each other and holding them up when needed.
Love you girl……


I love it! Congratulations on your new bundle of and your engagement. It only gets better from here on as long as you keep God as the head of your life nothing or no one can get in your way. Well come to mother hood.

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