By Way of Jamaica


Hi my name is Cecille.. 

A small Island girl whom has grown into a woman who knows

struggles. Growing up we didn't have much but whatever it is that we

had, we made it work and didn't complain.. I come from a strong

praying family who believes in God..

I migrated to New York from Jamaica in year 2000 (my how time flies).

I have found that in this country it is very hard just as when I was

growing up in Jamaica, but with the teaching from my family of prayer

and perseverance I had no room for giving up I furthered my

education, raised my daughter whom makes me proud each and

everyday with her  personal strides and accomplishments along with

raising of her daughter.

I am now working as a manager for a black owned company where I

grew as a person and my confidence and self assurance exudes

levels that I cannot even explain,  Within my daily task of managing I

also get to do what I love most which is baking, where I can put my heart

and soul into my recipes. There is no better job to show up to than one

that  you truly feel appreciated.

There were times I wanted to give up  because the struggle was very

real but  I never lost my faith in God and never lost faith in who I am or

the strong family base that I came from.. Hard work does pay off and as

women we must stick together and help each other to become

successful in whatever venture we choose partake in...

Live, Laugh, pray and Love..


Cecille Edwards

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