By Grace I Live

By Grace I live


On March 13th 1959 my walk-through life began. I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio I graduated from John F. Kennedy high School. I was raised by my Grandparents. At the age of 18 my Father climb through my mother's window and took me to his mother. Suffering from malnutrition my grandmother nursed me back to health loved and cared for me.


My grandmother was a very strong woman with morals and values that she poured into me which helped me become the woman I am today. My grandmother and grandfather played a very important part of my development for God's plan in my life. As a teenager I was abducted while walking to the store I was sexually assaulted by gunpoint.


By Grace I survived. My Father attempted to molest me in my grandmother's home. My grandmother's strength and prayers brought me through once again. I remember my mother calling my grandmother's house and telling me she was my mother at which time I did not know my grandmother was not my Mother.  I always thought she was my mother there was never any reason to believe otherwise before that time.


I remember my grandmother being very upset. This caused a shifting in my life; my emotional state of mind was a wreck. And of course, not knowing that being with my Grandparents was all in my life plan. I became that defiant monster teenager. Drinking, cutting school sneaking out of the house. I ran away with an older man. Never realizing the hurt and pain I was causing my Grandparents. Just trying to ease my own pain. Wondering why I was not with my birth mother. Not thinking about the love and care my Grandmother had poured in me over my short years on this Earth. 


 At the age of 20, I meet my birth mother. That was a rough road at first and another turn in my life was the passing of my Grandmother. This brought a real reality check. It took a while for my mother and I to develop a real relationship. Now I am expecting my first child. Very confused about the direction my life was going. My birth mother and my sisters and brothers were my new found family. Believe me it took time for our relationships to grow. First, I had to learn how to forgive and understand this was God's plan for my life, it wasn't how I wanted it to be. However, it was a lesson to be learn.  I met the man who I fell in love with he took on my oldest son as his son and we had three more children together. A happy family until drugs invaded our lives. This caused a very hurtful and hard time in my life now I am on my own with four children. It's now time to grow up for real.


I met my husband who was much older than I was. But he taught me how to stand and be all I could be. He takes us in and helped us become a whole family. And I didn't understand this was also God's grace in my life until he passed away.

Well today, Four grown children and fourteen grandchildren later. I understand that no matter what we endure in life God's grace is with us. 


We are blessed.

Ms. Helen Morrow










Rose Murry

Thank you for the testimony and I thank God for you and the strength that God given you. I never new your store but this will help others who been through this same ordeal but wants to give up but they don’t have to because God will see them through. God said he will never leave you nor forsake you. God’s Love do endure forever even though our trials and tribulations. May God keep blessing you and using you for his glory. I thank God for you and for you being in my life and for you being the women of God that you are. ❤️

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