Broken but Successful

How many can say that, I have been through the storm, I am still going through the storm. My life has been filled with personal disappointments, but yet I am still successful. I have been abused and misused, my heart has been abducted and thrown away, and through it all I am still successful.

Now look around, who can you go too that will understand or will even listen to your out cry or your pain? Most feel you have it all because of your success  and think you are seeking attention but, you hold onto your pain, shame or just your outright truth trying to overcome by yourself.

Success does not make a person complete, especially if they are still missing pieces of their life; pieces of themselves that have been lost in a bad relationship, or never even shared because of the labeling and the turned down feeling that is attached to whom you are or what you have been through. So many successful woman are ashamed or disappointed in who they were that they mask it with work or other accolades that show others their accomplishments. I can put all the degrees on the wall or on the shelf along with the titles and the financial gain, but at the end of the day, can I put my emptiness out there and still receive the same respect?

 As a woman it is already challenging to be taken serious in this thing called business and called life in the business world. If you are too feminine you are considered weak and a push over. If you are strong in your stance you are labeled as trying to portray a man. Where is our middle, where can we meet at the table and just be seen as human beings of all  genders, morals, and races with feelings that, can still make the impossible possible? 

In my own right I am successful, bending, bent, but not broken. 

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