How Do You Define Self-Esteem

How Do You Define Self-Esteem?

Self Esteem is associated with self respect, referring to the value you have within yourself  and for yourself. Unfortunately your sense or your thoughts of worth can waiver over time based upon your actions. We go through the up and down syndrome in regards to achievements and failures in life. If we continue to put our all into the only opinion that counts, which is our own when it comes to our own self-esteem there will be no dips no falls no down times. Rely only on your opinion of yourself, do not concentrate or entertain on what judgement you receive from others. 

Step out and take chances, invite new experiences which can build up your confidence. Feel good whether mistakes happen or not mainly because you put forth the effort to do better and to try something new. Don't avoid or block out the problems face them head on and put your best foot forward to solving them, just imagine how great you will feel upon your success. 

Test yourself and your reality, separate the two your emotional reactions and your fearful reactions. Emotional may have you thinking about how you look to others, Fearful will have you afraid to take those steps. By setting those two feelings aside you will have the opportunity and the ability to accomplish achievements you never thought possible. Setting these goals and keeping them in tune to what is realistic to achieving will give you motivation to continue setting goals, to continue building your self-esteem, to continue growing in an upward and outward new you. 

The Best Factor for overall success is having Self-Esteem.

Trust- In yourself

Believe - In yourself

Glorify-In yourself


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