How many in our seasoned age have felt like you haven't accomplished all that you wish you would have? come on I see you with your hand halfway in the air Raise that hand don’t be ashamed, Girl I feel that way each and everyday….. I ask myself, sister girl, (when I’m getting on myself that’s what I call me lol). Sister girl, why did you attend college, and go through all the stress of those exams & finals and let’s not even speak on the writing of the term papers. Which, brought about late nights and turning down weekend excursions for that degree and its hanging in someone else's business and not your own! What are you afraid of? I take control within their company, I handle daily tasks like a Boss Lady to keep their processes running, so why am I not doing it for myself.  


Sister girl, The stigma of “its over” from here is not true!!!! I have so much more to give so much more to learn and so much more to produce. Do you have a phrase or quote that gets you pumped, makes you strut in those heels, puts you in Diva mode, enough to make you feel like you are going to prove anything and everything to everyone, well that is mine…. 

“It’s Not Over”  What is yours?


I get to walk around someone’s else’s business giving orders, making sure things are running smoothly within my department still with the inside feeling of Sister girl you need to be doing this for yourself. 


Coming into work every day and putting that key into my office door, Sometimes  I drift off and dream that it is my office that is set up like an open loft with all calming and earth tone colors. A spacious typesetting with my big RS50 logo on the door, and also etched in the large window like a shadow that overlooks the park. Where I can look down and see other boss ladies just like you my dear making your way to your dream job or your own office. Within my office There is a well-assembled team that assists me in encouraging women to be all they can still be, yes girl, I said still be.

Yesssss!!!!!! And then I snap out of it to the sound of work going on around me that brings me back. While whispering under my breath “Its not over.” 


Girl Power Do You whether on the side of your 9-5 or venturing out and make your dreams come true You still are vibrant, you are very resourceful and you still have time!!!!!! ” It’s not over” 


Give yourself the right motivation and place it right in front of you each and everyday.

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Sheila E.


Sheila is an encourager of all women and her Spirits that have reached their ageless plateau. Sheila is the Founder of RS50, a truth speaker of Life Lessons. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and is the mother of three and grandmother of 3. Sheila’s journey through life thus far has brought her to this point of informing other Redeemed Spirits to continue to press, reach, soar and achieve your new found meaning of Living Life. 


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