Tears and Disbelief


As I sit here and try to swallow the sounds of the crying babies as they callout for their pa-pa and ma-ma and beg not to be separated and ripped from their arms. My thoughts immediately go to my own children and grandchildren I would not be able to breath, this is heartbreaking and heart wrenching to listen to and to watch. What time are we living in, what time are we apart of is this all apart of making America great again. Do I pack up and leave because I am disgusted to call myself an American. I would have never thought I would be here to witness such travesty in the world, we are just rebuilding our minds from the loss of all the persons on 9/11 which was brought upon us by terrorist and now we are committing this travesty right here in own backyard amongst one another, against persons that get up and go to work every day that are too proud to seek assistance and who came here for a better life.

I know this is a touchy subject for many but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t get this off my chest, in no way do I seek to be condemned or praised, but I am human with feelings compassion and a heart and I know this is completely WRONG!!!!! Are there people in this country illegally yes, are their people who are seeking a better life yes, but is separating all from their children and treating them like animals in an instant the way to handle the situation? NO!!!!

You mean to tell me all the companies and businesses that you have spearheaded and made many decisions over this is the only way you seen fit to handle this situation I am ashamed of you and your whole party, you have literally taught everyone how to hate within the last two years this includes your race to the house and now your seat in the house.

Scares are being implanted in these young minds that may not be able to be rectified, and at their boiling point who will be left to deal with the outcome of sickness, hatred, disease and anger. Better yet who is going to take care of them at this point? Let’s keep in mind before you jump on me these were working people that took care of their own and most likely were saving their minimal salaries to be able to get their lives in order so they will be able to send for or take care of other family members that are still living in horrible conditions.  

This post is just a snippet of how my heart feels right now for those babies and for the parents that had to hear their cry………….

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated..

 He reversed it….. Well well well.



I only have a few word Disgusting , Ugly, Hateful, Unbelievable, Heartless, Selfish, Racist Pig. I’m only human nd I would like Karma to flip the other way to all that think this is OK. How DARE THEY 45 nd his crew do this to families nd innocent children. Anyone who thinks nd believes that this (ASS 45)reversed this out of the goodness nd caring if his heart is a damn idiot. Let’s all get SERIOUS and Vote for EVERY OFFICE no just presidential ND get ride of him nd his crew. Please don’t think ur vote won’t count because it does. JESUS!


Watching the news last night and this morning left me empty sick and stunned how can one person hold power over people like this and use it to hurt and damage. My heart aches for all races I pray we meaning this land is healed in the name of God……

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