New Year New You

This year is vastly coming to a close. As usual we make resolutions that diminish out within two to three months. What will you do differently when you look back over your first 50 years, and what do you want to do differently in the second 50 years of your life? It is time to make greatness not just a word but a truth to stand by.

Is there a new job or self-employment that you want to obtain? do you have a certain monetary figure that you have in mind of saving? Or is there a certain health goal that you want to achieve this new year? Are there situations and issues you want to make better or nonexistent in your marriage or relationship? Steps to making these goals obtainable are as easy as having a made-up mind and just doing the work.

Let's start by thinking of what will enhance your being, then put them into words on paper to visualize the works to be done.

Writing and notebooks are available at

 "You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book."

                                                                 (Psalm 56:8)

Reading is one tool that has been placed on the back burner by many but if you really think about it reading gives you the information and guidance to make change. This is a learning process for us all. One cannot claim to know everything and still not be happy.

One, two, three let's get started; order your writing books and get on target to making ourselves a-new.


I welcome all links that I can share to help others in this journey offering your expertise and services. accepts comments and suggestions for sharing I look forward to your thoughts and our building each other up this year.




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