Making it all work

This is not easy but I make it look that way. Everyone has a dream a want a desire and a need. I had to sit down and really contemplate on what was mine and what direction I want to go. As I am continuing to build learn and grow I am letting my steps be ordered by God. having a vision and seeking to be assistance to others can sometimes be hard to put into play. My learning from others that success does not come over night, you have to put your wants and your dreams to work. So writing about my journey will not be in vain it will be a learning process for myself and to many others whom are seeking in pursuing what their heart desires.
Graduating from college with my Bachelors degree in business last year, made me think to myself ok if you were able to complete that accomplishment (bucketlist) you can put what you have learned in your books to work for you and not let the paper just hang on the wall. After pondering and long deliberation I decided to market myself yes myself. Rightsideof50. 
Steps to marketing oneself is just like putting out a product, research, test, review and pursue. Meaning bringing your vision to life and my vision for Rightsdieof50 is to be able to make a mark on this thing called life and build a brand that will be one to be reckoned with. Self help and assistance to one and all in every aspect of life. 




Thank you very much for the words the prayers and the support, they mean more than words can say. To have a vision is one thing but to have support from loved ones is genuinely heart warming.



I am so pleased and touched with your response. Your words have tugged at my heart. Your new self is right in front of you look in the mirror. you know her and she is you and you are her. Bold and beautifully made.


It is truly an honor and privilege to be a part of this journey called life as I rediscover myself while supporting my sister. We all have a purpose, and uplifting and loving one another regardless of what we are experiencing can liberate and elevate us to heights unknown. Be brave and soar but remain humble and open your ears and heart to what God has for you because He knows best. Love forever!!


Her Debut
Not sure how your card got in my purse but it’s probably because I am joining you on this journey back to you…back to me. Someone said we have to reintroduce ourselves to those around us un-apologetically with no reserves, no holds barred! I agree though I am finding the transition difficult I’m not sure I’ve met “Her” yet how can she make her Debut if I don’t even know who she is??

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