Better days are coming

Better days are coming, I truly believe in that statement. More in tune to an attitude of practice what you preach. I tell all reach, never stop pursuing, the sky and beyond are attainable.
We all have vast visions and most important achievements within our life we want to obtain. Many of us have been chosen to be the head and not the tail, meaning we are open to realizing our stance in life, at every point taking what this thing called life tosses in our direction having each of us spring into action and bend beyond the ranking quo (being neither greater or lesser than the next). Issues will hold you down, hold you back and make you feel as if you are never getting there. You are just existing and not achieving your potential or dreams.  Not realizing why or just becoming complacent within your position you fall lost to society. (Get your ASS-UP and try it again)…….
Wasting time contemplating and manipulating your next move, instead of just cultivating your task and forging ahead to do your callings as they appear right, habitually while being totally shaded to your impact on the very people you are made-up to motivate.  
As a delay, many of the preferred find themselves in leading roles for which they are completely unrehearsed for. If they believe, as many people do, in leadership having this class within you is a re-birth or birth with the tenacity to lead, to show, to guide. 
In many cases, myself included procrastinating within our calling, focusing on idle matters that mean no greatness to ourselves or to others. Choosing a role that diminishes or sidesteps greatness entirely. Regrettably, it is exactly those scopes within roles that form the emotion and groundwork of good leadership. Once you are stagnant and tired of not producing your talent your worth your BEING you will fall into the mindset of: Better days are coming.



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