Holiday Blues Myth or Truth:

This year makes you really wonder and lean towards yes, it is truth. But yet again you think of what a blessing to have made it to the holidays. To be able to enjoy family and friends but oh so differently. Shopping is different many as before are doing their shopping online in a bigger volume just to avoid being around others. Many are not shopping at all and have become crafty and witty with their gift giving.

Myself as I was online shopping for my grands which is not new to me, I have been doing so for years it just bothered me that within my purchase one item that I added to their list were FACE MASK! It truly saddens me with what we are all dealing with right now. Mainly the children because they do not understand all of this. So, my shopping and being able to stuff their stockings had to consist of a form of protection from a virus that we don’t know if it was man made or otherwise.

Some that have dealt with having to try and enjoy the holidays without loved ones have become numb or somewhat withdrawn to the fact of not having loved ones in their midst anymore, but now we have families dealing with the loss of a member or friend to this pandemic. Still so many unanswered questions, no resolve, so how should we feel this year?

How do we try to beat or get through the holiday blues which is a depressing feeling which comes from experiencing sadness and loneliness while watching others around us be filled with joy? The first that comes to mind for me is to be thankful and grateful for what we still have and for whom we still have.

Pull yourself out of yourself and try something new for the holidays, become crafty and adventurous. Starting with projects and accomplishments. Dive into a goal that you have been putting off, a project that you wanted completed before the year ended and the new year began. Being sincere and determined in completed that project will have you blocking out the negativity and enjoying whom and what you are becoming. Throwing yourself into these projects will have you truly enjoying being around family and enjoying the joyous spirit of the year.

Holiday blues myth or truth? Yes, truth very much so, but can we change it can we get through it yes, we can. I say that because look at how far we have come already and with Faith yes, we will get through and it will get better in time.

Holiday blues myth or truth rolls in quietly and rolls out the same way, the difference is how you accept the roll in. Speaking about the hurt and loneliness you feel is a great way of starting to put it all into perspective, but if each year you fall into that same dark space means you are not making a move to being a better you.     

We all handle things differently, but at the end we must handle, wait did you catch that? WE MUST HANDLE!  Since it has remained to be such a challenging time, and predominantly well-defined feeling of being secluded from friends and loved ones, you will find yourself increasing your own sense of optimism by mapping out positive strategies for the year ahead.

Once the plague is under control and the world returns to a more calming sense of wellbeing, will you pledge to visiting more? Because now we have the true understanding that we are not promised tomorrow. In this new year, will you promise yourself to make the most of each and every day? No matter how precise you choose to map out your next move, just start planning today and you will feel more confident about the upcoming. With concentrating on doing so, you may begin to look forward to the next holiday season and make the Holiday blues a past tense.  


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