Depression Is Real

When have you felt alone, overwhelmed, not worthy, or just down for no reason? Do you know that these are warning signs of depression? Depression is real in all races and both sexes it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are vulnerable to this disease. Yes disease because it can be treated if recognized.  Depression can cause outburst and typically disrupt your average day for no reason at all. 

Many people do not like to discuss their depression episodes and that is where the most harm can occur, the voices will tell you no one cares or you don’t matter. The voices will even tell you this world would be better without you. Seeking help can be scary but it can also save your life and save trauma to the loved ones around you. We have to step away from the stigma that this is a feeling that is not discussed, too many lives are lost within this silence. 

Depression is very real and very harmful for all involved if not dealt with. I have once fell into a dark place, due to a tragedy in my family, fortunately with having a physician that knows me by name and not just a chart number she was able to recognize that something was not right with me. I truly appreciate our conversations and the time that she put aside for me to cry, scream, and talk to her about the family tragedy that had taken place and left me broken. With being able to release my hurt, the weight, the confusion, I have been able to accept the loss within my family and continue to live life to the fullest and hold onto the memories.  

If you are feeling any symptoms of depression which could stem from

1. Sadness, Emptiness 

2. Angry Outbursts 

3. Crying helplessly 

4. Tiredness lack of energy 

5. Agitation 

Just to name a few please talk to someone immediately, either a friend, family, or seek professional assistance. You mean the world to your loved ones, and you are somebody!!!!

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If you know someone who is struggling with their emotions: Text START to 741-741 to speak with a trained professional confidentially. 

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