Color Blind

Are you color blind? It's about honesty this go round. Who can really say or state that they treat everyone equally weather socially or economically? If you were accused of or your words were twisted in a certain situation  that made you look bad or made you look as if you were racist against anyone how would you feel or how would you rectify the situation?
These are very impost questions and topics that are going on around us the very day. Not anyone can say honestly that they have not been met with adversity or negativity in regards to color, religion, sexual preference. I feel that as of a certain age comments and or mistakes of having your words misunderstood should be a thing of the past, we should all know better by now that words do hurt and cause pain. Once words of discernment are put into the universe there is no way of retracting them and the pain is there even if you apologize you are not looked at in the same perception anymore.
How can this all become a thing of the past and once and for all become history? there is power in numbers those numbers have to band together and serve honestly together to end the hate, to end the discrimination, to end the blind side to what is going on around us. " When we cut each other is our blood not the same color?", are the organs in each of us not the same? Could I help you to live, and could you help me to live? at the end of the day our simple differences make us all the same, HUMAN.
My mind is open to all, not to judge because of anything different I may find in you and hopefully I am looked upon in the same light. This thing we call life is only given to us for awhile do you really want to spend your time and energy hating and judging? Instead of living life to the fullest and enjoying it to the upmost. Your happiness could be in the person you are judging right now, ask yourself what could you do any different to make a difference in today, tomorrow, forever. 

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