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Learning to love the Skin you are in

If you are not shown how do you obtain Self-Love? ladies and Gents how many of you had both parents involved in your learning years, can you remember what was taught and how it was taught? let's apply the good points to our lives now as we look in the mirror.

Stepping out of the shower and think of the task of lotion and moisturizing my skin. There are days you just want to wash and go...... but to think of the damage you are doing to your beautiful skin you were blessed with refrains you from doing so.

My mom taught me to embrace my skin and to take care of it with Vaseline cocoa butter and lotion by showing me how to apply and make myself feel special when you see the smoothness after the ash. Yes, I said ash this is about honesty and truth. My hair was at a length that reached below my shoulders my parents had us girls in a routine where we went to the neighborhood beautician for a press and curl, this beautiful look lasted for a few weeks, but you couldn't tell us anything we would swing and play in our hair because it was now manageable and easy to comb.

My father taught me to never let a man use and mistreat me if you feel you are not being treated like the queen you are leave do not stay in anything that does not make you feel good or makes you feel proud, "You can do bad by yourself." With that mindset yes I do deserve so, and his words reignite in my mind now which have made me strong and self-willed. Yes, it can get lonely at times, but I will not settle... I love myself too much to do that. First and foremost have RESPECT for yourself. 

I say all this to say my parents taught me at a young age to keep up an appearance of cleanliness and neatness carrying myself in a manner that when you are looked upon it makes everyone treat you with respect. With doing this I fell in love with what I grew into right in front of the mirror.

What were you taught as a child, are you applying it to your adult self?

Do you think I am looking at loving myself in a wrong way or correct way, how do you look and feel about yourself?

Self-Love is a Action not a state of feeling good......




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