What We Need


Where do we go,? I hold a great position, able to apply myself at work every day with  a smile that could light up a room,  but my heart hurts today... but does anyone know it or does anyone even care? As long as I am productive seems to be the matter at hand. 

In a time that continues to create detachments between honor, recompense, and prospects based on stature, it will be problematic for women to prosper as a whole unless we learn how to embrace and listen to each other. Women feel that as soon as they see other women make it, that they are not carrying any baggage.  In the interim,  these women are so  petrified of losing their status or looked upon as weak that they are forced to hold in their inadequacies and are less probable to offer any other women support at any age or position.

Women want to be able to be looked upon for support and to be supported, along with praise and promise by their peers’ friends and family all while still standing at the top of their business ranking. Success is nothing if you are hiding your truth in the dark. Releasing can bring about encouragement to yourself and to others.  

Women who view every other sister’s movements as a peril create a troposphere stimulation with undesirable   opposition and confusion instead of seeing their struggle for truly their truth and process, which in turn if listened to, could enable them to be conquerors of their route traveled. The fear that someone’s judgement will take away your stature for what you have built will generate a toxic atmosphere for those who interact around your energy. Trust abundantly in yourself that you do not have to view every other sister as an opponent within your story or your releasing of your truth.

Women’s individualities, past and future conditions, are formed through structure and association. When you implant self-doubt into the equation, you are generating a  distinctiveness that is assembled on previous unconstructiveness or inabilities of getting past. Unfortunately, in some situations this is not healthy to yourself physically or mentally; at some point that poison will begin to take over. Release your past, your struggle, and your hurt. The wisdom of courage and knowledge you pass on will build up the sisters that are watching you make progress and strides through this thing called life.


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