Are You Willing To Put In The Relationship Work?

As the wind rustles the leaves off a limb or a tree it, mixes them together and they become one. Intertwined in their daily production and confusion, well that is a relationship. Your thoughts, your dreams, your hurt pain feelings wants and dislikes. Now picture mixing that along with someone else, can you see them working to build a pile in harmony without any discord? If you say yes, just picture a person cleaning their yard in the fall. How many times does that person have to rake those leaves together to get them into a nice pile before loading them all together in a bag? That is the work that goes into a relationship when trying to pull everything together. Are you worth it? Is your mate worth it? Are you willing to put in the work? I am. I want to see the leaves intertwine and become one. I want to work at mixing my dreams and wants with my love, my best friend, my confidant. I have been on both sides of the fence and I feel at this time in my life I am ready to be on the right side. The side that is not selfish;  the side that is willing to learn willing to listen; willing to put in the work; and most of all willing to love. Relationships are about commitment, trust, vulnerability, loyalty, and most of all, friendship. Most people forget to remain friends or even to become friends before they find themselves in a confused situation.  7 Key Habits For Building Better Relationships Situations that are not even close to being a relationship in most cases. Would you be able to give that persons whole name, middle name included? Do you know family history? Are they a part of their family, involved or not associated and if so, what is the reason? I state this because these are situations whether good or bad that could become a viable part of your situation. Are you willing to put in the work to make it work or is it worth putting in the work?

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Henery X (long)

Anything worthy of having will never be obtained easily, it’s within the trials and tribulations that true appreciation is established. Like I stated in a previous commitment for another post, consistency or lack thereof is how we will determine what’s real and what’s illusion. Never ignore signs, because when we do, we usually end up regretting our decision. Dating isn’t difficult, settling for less than we’re worth is.

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