My Footprints


One day I sat and reflected on my footprints.  I thought to myself “I am a woman with great ability, standards, loyal, and a woman of God.” But although, I know these things I couldn’t help but ask the question, “Is this really happening?”


One day, the walls of security came crashing down with a phone call.  My husband stepped out of my marriage!!!


I was saying to myself, “I am a good wife, a wife that stands by his side, a Godly wife.  Where did things go wrong? How could this happen to me? I go to church, on the choir and tithe.  I am saved And truly love the Lord!” But it happened…


This took me to a different level; I didn’t want to go to church or read the bible. I got tired of people telling me to trust God and pray; especially when it came to praying for him. How could you pray for someone who hurt you so bad?


All I could do was cry and cry and cry myself to sleep. 


Then I heard the devil say, “kill yourself!”


But God responded, “You shall live and not die!”


God said, “there is a purpose” and I responded, “if there is a purpose you have to help me now because I am about to hurt someone.”


Then I began praying and praying; pushing myself and started to trust God a little more. Even when it was hurting and I didn’t want to do it anymore I kept pushing.  I was told to praise Him in your time of trouble. The more I praised, the lighter it got; I didn’t cry anymore.  I trusted God more.  I read the bible more and things began to get better in my marriage.


I realized that my purpose was in my pain!!!


I had to go through this to be able to share my story with other women.  To tell them that they have to trust God through it all.


One day I went for a walk and began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  While walking, I looked down and noticed footsteps; there was another pair walking beside me!!!  What I was seeing was a reminder that I’m not and don’t have to walk this journey alone.


What devil tried to take away God restored and reunited.  Today, I am glad to say I am walking in the footsteps that God has ordained for my life. 


I would tell women that God can turn things around and that you must have faith in what you are praying for.


Many women think that they are exempt from the trails and pain of the world because they are walking with God.  A walk with God doesn’t mean perfection but that the one who created you has a perfect plan to complete His perfect purpose for your life.  Therefore, you must walk into your destiny.


So, sister to sister remember this in Matthew 19:26 it states that “… with God all things are possible.”


Lovingly Submitted by Maria Bethea



I thank you for being a woman of God and sharing your story My Beautiful Godmother. I pray that God continue to use you. Peace Blessings and Happiness to you.

Jennifer Nealey

Maria thank you for sharing your testimony! I know this was not an easy test to endure. BUT GOD!! When we realize that our testimonies aren’t for us but for others…that’s when God can blast us into our destiny. I’m praising God with you for the restoration of your marriage and pray that you two will have the rest of your lives together in covenant. Your later will be greater than your past! You deserve to rejoice now!! All Praise and Glory be to God!!

Susan Hendrix

This was such a powerful testimony. Maria when you thought about your footprints and the devil tried to distract you, there existed a set of unseen foot prints that never left your side and they belonged to God.


Wifey first all I want you to know that I really Love You. I read your story and i just want to say that o really apologize for all the pain and suffering i may have caused you. I’m being honest, I don’t know what went wrong only God knows. Sometimes God allows things to happen to people in order to get his attention, maybe it was his plan maybe not, but God knew what was going to happen in the long run
What God has put together no male or female can separate us cause the Love have for each other no can take that from us 😀 what I’m saying i do apologize for all pain and suffering that i put you through i truly apologize. But look what has done he took a slightly broken marriage and turned around for our good and his glory what a mighty God we serve through it all we are still standing together no matter what people may say. The devil thought he had me but God no so I’m a child of the high the King also I thank my church pray worries for prayed for us. Wifey I’m going no where and don’t you think that you are. I could go on but i have to end it right now. Ps to my brothers Love your Wife as Christ Loves you Maria I Truly Love You Thanks for sticking by my side and most of all praying for us


We serve an awesome God. Thank You for sharing, may God continue to bless & keep you.

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