Love after Fifty, What are your thoughts?

How do you find it, or how do you handle it? I was told this week that I am too picky.... How do I take that if I want a good man to grow with. Being picky to me means you have been through some things and you refuse to go through it again. I don't see it as being picky I see it as having standards for yourself.  Example if you have had a gentleman/female that could not hold a job and nine times out of ten you were holding the house down, would you once again seek a person that is not secure within their employment? I say no. If you have had partners that are not focused on their future at this time in their life rightsideof50 would you feel comfortable with them? If on the rightsideof50 and they have very young children and your children are gone making you ready to travel do you take on their situation?

I'm not saying this is an age thing I'm saying it is an maturity thing and a way of life. Meaning knowing who and what you want. 

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Pastor Theresa B.

There is life and love after 50. My God mother remarried at the age of 63. They’re still together and happy. She was widowed for 18 yrs before dating falling in love and re-marrying. Hope after 50


At this point in my life I would love to find a wife but even some of these women in their 50’s is only worried about what they look like with these wigs and lashes and makeup. All of that does not matter to me I just want a real woman that has been through some things it is not hard to try and trust again. Bring to the table a great conversation and a humbleness that is attractive and let the man yes, the man do the rest.

Lisa De Sheers

I have been exactly where you were. Not only is having employment important, but health and dental benefits and a retirement plan are a must. Young children are nice if that’s what you like but no…at this stage of life I like to see children on a school bus traveling in the opposite direction. Seriously though I know making exceptions and sacrifices are a part of life and growth but I don’t have to if I don’t want to any more.

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