Domestic Violence: It can happen at any age




Sitting here and thinking of some near and far and many ages that are going through a time in their lives that they are not sure if they will make it out. Domestic violence is real and harmful for everyone involved. Women we were not meant to be punching bags or verbally abused in any way. Domestic violence does not only happen to women and children but also to men, this is a form of abuse.  Domestic Abuse is not bodily violence alone words can hurt just the same. Domestic violence is a conduct driven force to gain control over another person. Manipulation, coherence, and a striking hand is a learned behavior but in no way should it or could it be excused.

I can clearly remember the day I was choked because of jealousy. I had to lay there for a moment and not move, but as you can see I’m still here and confident more than ever. No bruises on the outside but there will forever be a scare on the inside, that leaves you ready and on point before it happens again. I have been called mannish before because of my stance and assertiveness, I can not and do not see myself that way I can not change or help anyone that feels inadequate while in a relationship with me about a previous relationship that I was involved in. That is a insecurity you have to get over.  From that day and striking back(physically) to literally save my own life I vowed I would never put myself in that predicament again. I say put myself because I could have walked away, I could not have answered when provoked, I am no way taking blame or making excuses for what happen because it is never correct for a man to abuse a woman. 

The physical abuse didn’t take long to get over but the verbal abuse did. I had to retrain myself to see myself once again in the high standard that my family did. I had to be able to once again look in the mirror and see my beauty even if no one seen it. I am who I am because of my confidence and the love I have for myself. I had to take into account that if I dressed in the proper outfits that were tailor fit to me that I did and do look awesome, I do not have to wait to hear it from a man, because man does not make me I make me. My confidence is what I stand on now, now education is what I stand on, my faith is what I stand on and no one will ever break that again. 

If you or anyone you may know is suffering from Domestic Abuse please report, tell, seek confidential help. Don’t let them suffer in silence, Don’t you suffer in silence most of all Don’t suffer. 

Warning signs of Domestic Violence:         Signs of Mental Abuse

How He/She Treats you                                    Jealousy

How He/She Treats others                                 Disrespect

How He/She Feels about Themselves                   Controlling

“Abusers will also use putdowns, bullying and humiliation to make the victims feel paralyzed and unworthy of a better relationship. In a mentally abusive relationship, the abuser often shows signs of extreme jealousy. Knowing the signs of mental abuse can help you avoid or escape a harmful relationship, as well as help you recognize if a loved one is being mentally abused.”  

                                    Arlin Cuncic


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