Can a Relationship exist without trust?

Can a Relationship exist without trust?

 You have put your all into a gentleman or woman, but something inside you is setting off red alarms. Every time there is a function to attend you are met with an excuse of not being able to escort you. Meeting family seems to be non excitant and when you do your name is not even known. Dates are met only on their terms or at odd hours. last Tuesday all of your bills were paid by your mate and gifts are constant when there seems to be a disagreement or a short coming. The attention you were previously getting is not there anymore, no hand holding no couch cuddling, no attentive attention before, during, or after love making (if that is what you want to refer to it as). 

There is an empty feeling in your gut but you can't quit put your finger on it, what do you do?

1. Begin to snoop (phone, mail, friends etc.)

2. Do you accuse because of your suspicions?

3. Do you watch your feelings more closely?

4. Do you walk away? 

5. Are you the argumentative type and just blurt out in a nasty way on how and what you are feeling?








Henery X (long)

Trust is a must if any relationship is expected to be successful. This is how I determine if I can trust someone: I look for consistency or lack thereof. This is the sure fired way to get to the bottom of everything. If someone always promises that they’re going to be on time, but are always ten minutes late, this shows that they can’t be trust to be where we want/need them to be. Do little things mean that trust can’t be dependent upon with said person? Not necessarily, but it’s a sign that should not be ignored. Look for consistency or lack thereof. Just my humble opinion mind You.

J. Jones

No you have to trust and love unconditionally.

Ramone Thomas

Absolutely not, trust is more valuable than love, I believe this with everything in me,I love a lot of people but I trust few! Trust is the foundation of a relationship not “love” you can love someone but sometimes the relationship will not survive once trust is broken especially if it’s repetitive, a lot of people have walked away From love ones based on “trust” just my opinion 🤷🏿‍♂️

Tanya B.

A relationship cannot survive without trust. If you can’t trust your mate your relationship will not grow and thrive.

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