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sheila smith


I will not be silenced or shut down, I Am Woman Hear Me Roar. My parents and grandparents fought for the privilege for me to be able to walk behind that curtain and pull that lever. Voting is a privilege that has been sought and fought for by our ancestors most do not understand, voting is a rite of passage “Voting is a privilege. It’s how we can show commitment to ourselves, to each other, to this country and to this world.” It is a privilege for having the people that believe in what is good for our Country and who are willing to Stand up and Fight for our Country. Ladies we cannot have our votes silenced or shoved under the rug anymore, taking away our right to do what we want or need for our bodies. We cannot afford for our children to suffer any longer without meals because food programs are being cut. Abortion clinics are being closed and threatened if a service is performed. I am so worried in regards to the direction this Country is going, only we the people can stop what is going on. Now with the bomb threats in the mail going out to prominent figures in position, let’s not take this lightly but let’s also keep in mind that this is a distraction they are headlining so that we will take our focus off of the voting and the votes they are stealing in order for races to be won and lost. I beg of all women and men to stay the course press forward and do not let your vote get deterred.  

Janell Monae Speaks On The Importance of Voting and Georgia's Voter Purge 

I have never found myself so into politics as I do now, there is something stirring in my educational spirit that is telling me we are all needed to make America Right Again. There is something stirring in me that we are all needed to win this race, there is something in me that is telling me to help more, to push more to speak out more.  I will be doing my part, ask yourself are you doing yours? What are you doing do make America Right Again, so that your children and your grandchildren will be blessed to live a life of freedom yes, I said freedom this is what they are trying to take away from us. I never thought that I would be apart of this thing called life where we are seeing our actuarial heads be taken down because of crimes performed more than 15 years ago. But in turn seeing and viewing others that have basically done the same rule the Country and Rule it with hate and conceit. Along with such divide and division to where hatred is not just peeking through but it is showing its face.   

Voting is the only way we can at least get control of the way this Country is headed. Praying my words are falling in vain but are also making you recall days of when you didn’t view so much hate within the news or within social media. It is said that actions start at the head when are you hate mongers going to figure out that you are being used as puppets by one single person to carryout his mission of demise and destruction.

I am not only talking the talk I am walking the walk and putting in the work, are you? Every vote count and we need them more than ever because for every vote we cast they will try a steal two….


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