Comfort Zone

Sisters let's talk, how comfortable are you in your skin? If you had the option to change some part or portion of your body, your shell that you have been blessed with which would it be and why?
I have always been very sensitive about my nose, I used to be very bashful and self-conscious about my nose when I was growing up. Not having the knowledge of the lineage or the significance regarding the beauty of my features. But with my maturing and understanding who, and where I am a product of I have come to love every inch of myself. Whether I have a pimple breakout, a few pounds overweight not as tone as I want to be, and being of a skin tone that is in the middle, making it sometimes very impossible to match with a make-up cover-up. Ladies of all colors shapes sizes go through the same things, but love and acceptance of who you are makes you who you are. 
Both these women are beautiful, but do you think they would seek to change something physical about themselves, yes because we as humans are never satisfied and we are our hardest critic to please. Why is that? I will tell you why because mainly we are seeking to please others and what they see on the outside. My comfort zone in taking this photo was put to the test, I could not put a hand near my face cross my arms or completely turn my face to the side as I would usually do for a photo. It was head on skin out, but by the time I was complete I felt free I felt me and I was liberated. I fell in love with the camera and the woman that was being photographed. Sisters it took me staring down the lens of a camera to really get in tune with my confidence don't get me wrong confidence is not lacking in me, but at that moment there was no where for me to pull back to I have stepped out to opening myself to you my Sisters to help and make you all comfortable with your beautiful shapes, tones,  and images.
Difference is what makes up all individually BEAUTFUL........

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Throughout my early years in life I was one of the tallest girls in class. This also included being an early developer in my physical growth. Always being stared at, and talked about caused me to become self conscious of my body. I made sure I always wore a jacket to cover my breasts and that it was long enough to cover my behind. I floated through the years and made myself invisible because it felt as though all people saw were my breasts and butt. In this new transition I’ve come to realize they’re not going anywhere and I need to own all of me proudly. Yes I’ve said for years if I could afford a breast reduction and liposuction I’d go for it. However I’m learning to exercise, eat right and enjoy who I am with what I have.

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